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Vision and Eye Care Services

At Southerlin Family Eye Care, you’ll find the best quality and service in a comfortable atmosphere from people you can trust. We offer:

Eye exams for your whole family

At Southerlin Family Eye Care, we specialize in eye examinations for all ages from your child’s first visit to adults and seniors. Dr. Southerlin treats each member of your family like one of her own. Our comprehensive eye exams include a health evaluation testing for glaucoma and cataracts as well as a thorough exam of the retinas.

Eye glasses

We believe that good-looking glasses that help you see well don’t have to be expensive. At this time, our dispensary only fills prescriptions written by our doctor. Southerlin Family Eye Care's optical dispensary offers a comfortable adjustment area for fittings and features affordable, high quality lenses and frames. Our team will help you select frames that best match your face shape, eye color, personality and lifestyle.

Contact lenses

Contact lenses offer tremendous freedom and flexibility, but it’s important that they are expertly fitted for cornea health and comfort. Dr. Southerlin offers contact lens management for patients who currently wear soft contact lenses, including giving each patient a written copy of their contact lens prescription when the evaluation is complete and the patient is happy with their comfort and vision in their contacts.

When purchasing contacts from Southerlin Family Eye Care, the contact lens supply the patient orders is conveniently shipped to their home for no additional fee. We offer this service to help reduce our patients' travel time back to our office to pick up lenses.

We offer a wide range of contact lenses including specialty designs for dry eyes, astigmatism and presbyopia (bifocal and monovision).